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What to do after a car accident?

If you or someone you know was in a car accident you may need to take several steps in order to get better.

First, always be safe and seek medical help if you or someone else is hurt. Its always a good idea to go to the emergency department for a check up or to see a family or walk in clinic doctor right away.

Second, make sure you exchange insurance information with the other party who was involved in the accident. Leaving the scene of accident without exchanging insurance information may be considered at the very least as "hit and run" and may cause you many problems. If someone is physically hurt and you leave without exchanging information or without helping them then there may be a criminal or negligence case brought against you.

Third, report the accident to your insurance and police. You can report the accident to insurance by calling them. You can report the accident to police directly with the officer who is present at the scene or by going later to a collision reporting center. Police officer may come and check on if you were taken to the hospital by an ambulance. Be sure to ask the police officer to provide you with the "badge number" and "accident report #". You may not need to use it now, however, chances are in the future you will require this information.

Fourth, if you are hurting then find a physiotherapy & rehabilitation clinic that will treat your injuries. Our clinic provides many services for car accident victims such as physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, disability certificate, psychological assessment and psychotherapy, occupational therapy, home care, medical devices, etc. In addition to that we handle all your insurance related paperwork and we regularly keep in touch with your insurance adjuster and family doctor to help you get better.

Fifth, you may need to find a personal injury lawyer who will represent you. For example, you may want to obtain a settlement in the future or sue the other party for pain, suffering or loss of opportunity. This may sound easy, but its often more challenging than most people think. Some lawyers don't take at fault drivers, some only help clients with brain injuries, some specialize in bike accidents. At our clinic we review your case and match you with the right lawyer that is most likely to accept you as a client. Moreover, the lawyers who work with us don't charge you any fees while your case is not settled.

Sixth, when you have a moment document the details of the accident and injury mechanism for future need. Think about this, time, date, intersection, car that you were in. How was the car hit and how did affect you? Did you hit your head? Did your neck suffer a whiplash injury? Did you feel immediate pain? Try to document as many details as possible as this may be important in the future. If you have a camera or phone camera then take pictures of the car as well as any physical injuries on your body such as bruises, bleeding, bumps, lumps, etc.

Keep in mind that we help clients, lawyers and healthcare professionals with all their accident related issues for free. Call us now or email us and we will be happy to help!

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