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What is the Accident Benefits package?

When someone is involved in a car accident in Ontario they can open a claim for “Accident Benefits” with the insurance company. The insurance company will mail you the “Accident Benefits Package” which will consist of several forms such as OCF-1, OCF-2, OCF-3, OCF-5, OCF-10, OCF23, etc. You may need to submit some or all of these forms to your insurer in order to claim “Accident Benefits”. Although they may seem confusing and extensive, it is important that you and your healthcare provider take time to fill these forms out properly. Even small mistakes and omissions may prevent you from accessing various benefits that you may need. We spend time and effort to help our clients fill out these forms properly. As such clients, doctors and lawyers rely on us to help them with these forms. Read more about different OCF forms in our blog! Keep in mind that we help clients, lawyers and healthcare professionals fill out all the OCF forms that they may need for free! Call us today to find out more!

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