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Dermatology Consultation


Refugee claimants go through a significant amount of stress during the IRB hearing. However, it is challenging for them to have co-morbid issues such as depression, trauma, or insomnia. These factors can affect the claimant's ability to testify during the IRB hearing

Treatment Plan

  • We will document your medical history

  • We will administer psychometric tests & objective measures

  • The psychotherapy report will include treatment recommendations

  • The psychotherapy report will discuss your specific challenges

  • We may recommend accommodation for you for the hearing purposes

  • We will do our best to prepare you mentally for the IRB hearing

Psychological Factors

  • Depression, Trauma, PTSD

  • Insomnia

  • Grief Stutter related to anxiety

  • Intergenerational trauma

  • Sexuality, LGBTQ issues

  • Social and Emotional Impact of Deportation Battered Person Syndrome

  • Intimate Partner Violence

  • Fear of re-exposure to memories of the trauma

  • The social and psychological impact of the return to one’s home country

  • Stigma & discrimination

  • Social Determinants of Health

Psychotherapy Reports

What to consider?

  • The length of treatment & progress evaluation

  • Psychotherapist’s credentials and professional reputation

  • Objective measures (validity of tests, observations, past medical history)

  • The analysis of information that emerges during the sessions

Disclaimer: The information here does not construe medical or legal advice, and we included it for informative purposes. The duty of care is not established merely by the individual or entity reading this website or contacting us. Therefore, we only accept clients that meet the severity threshold to be eligible for our services, subject to insurance coverage and provider availability to take the client.

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