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What to do after a work injury.

If you or someone you know was involved in a work related injury they may need lots of help. Work related injuries happens every day. Depending on the industry you are in the likelihood and the type of injury will vary. For instance nurses are prone to having neck pain and they are exposed to violence from patients more frequently. Construction workers are more prone concussions.

After any injury make sure you report it to your management. Every workplace has a a health and safety representative or a manager who deals with work injuries. It’s important to report your injury to your manager and/or health and safety representative immediately. They will advise you about your next steps. Often times you will need to seek medical help. In that case you may need to go to the hospital or see your family doctor. If you require physiotherapy or rehabilitation treatments due to your injury you will need to open a claim with the Workers Safety and Insurance Board. The steps are as follow:

1. Notify your employer of the work related accident or occupational disease you have.

2. You employer will fill out WSIB Form 7 within three days.

3. Seek medical help. Your genera practitioner (family doctor or nurse practitioner) will fill out WSIB Form 8 "Health Professional's Report". Your treating practitioner will decide what to do next. He/she may refer you to see another professional, undergo diagnostic testing or see a Physiotherapist or Psychologist. We will be glad to accept you as a client at our clinic for physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychology, and nurse practitioner services. If you would like to receive help from us (free of charge to you) then please call us or email us. If you are a family physician or nurse practitioner feel free to refer the client to us, we will handle their care and help with all the related documentation.

4. You will need to fill out WSIB Form 6 "Worker's Report of Injury/Disease". We can help you fill out and send this form to WSIB at our clinic for free.

4. Report your injury to your union and/or private benefits company as you maybe eligible for collateral benefits.

How we can help for free? Services for patients and referring doctors!

At our clinic we guide you and/or your family doctor/nurse practitioner through the whole process. We start, help fill out and submit all the necessary forms to open and maintain a medical claim for you with WSIB. We don't charge your or your doctor for our services. We can also provide: physiotherapy, chiropractic, psychology and nurse practitioner services at our clinic. We will take on your case and communicate with your doctor and WSIB regularly to keep them updated about your progress.

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