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Psychotherapy Session

Feel Better On The Inside

Increasing Motivation And Interest

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crocus care

About Us

We are interdisciplinary mental health and physical rehabilitation clinic located in Ottawa. Our goal is to improve access to healthcare services, provide case management & advice, and help clients get well physically and mentally.


We provide psychotherapy assessments and sessions for refugee claimants and newcomers.

Virtual Care

We provide both in-person and virtual psychotherapy services via video and phone calls. 

Couples Therapy

We Care

Increases motivation and interest, Improves mood, sleep and worry, copes and adjusts to stress.
Get to the root cause of emotional problems

What Clients Say

"Crocus care has played or may I say, is playing a big role in my sister's physiotherapy and my family's psychotherapy sessions. The service rendered to us was very professional and helpful, and they give warm welcomes to clients. The best!!"
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