Psychological & Rehabilitation Services For Refugees​ in Ottawa

At Crocus Care we provide healthcare and psychology services for Refugee Claimants. These services are covered by the government funds and clients don’t need to pay out of pocket.


Psychologist Assessment & Psychotherapy Services


Our psychologist will conduct an initial assessment and prepare a detailed report. The report will include your psychological diagnosis, psychometric testing, and we will specify the type of psychotherapy treatment you need. You will have a chance to go over this report prior to finalizing it. You or your lawyer may request a copy of the report for your purposes. 


  • psychological report 

  • progress report

  • 10 sessions of psychotherapy

Other Services at our Ottawa Clinic:

  • Physiotherapy, Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation

  • Medical Devices (wheelchair, raised toilet seat, walker, etc)

Confidentiality & Privacy if Healthcare Information

In Canada we value the privacy of the individuals. As healthcare professionals it is our core value to protect and respect your privacy and confidentiality. Anything you discuss with us is confidential and we follow the appropriate regulation to protect your private health information. In Ontario legislation called Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) governs the client confidentiality. We will not disclose your information to anyone without your authorization and we will only do so if such disclosure is necessary for your well-being.

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