Ibrahim Ismayilov, Registered Psychotherapist

I work with clients who suffer from various emotional difficulties such as depression, anxiety and trauma. I focus on educating the client what she or he is going through and together we design strategies that help cope with the emotional difficulties. An important emphasis is placed on sleep hygiene because healthy sleep often helps restore emotional well-being. We also offer physical rehabilitation at our clinic for clients who have chronic pain and other physical problems co-existing with emotional difficulties.

With over 6 years of experience in acute psychiatry in the hospitals in Ontario I have a had exposure to clients who suffer from various intensity emotional difficulties. I utilize Interpersonal Therapy, Social Rhythm Therapy, Mentalization Based Treatment, and CBT to help clients feel better and manage their emotional health.

Dealing with mental health problems on your own can be challenging. Having someone on your side whose only goal is to help you get better can be therapeutic. Emotional issues can make you feel lonely and isolated. Email me or call me and I will do best to help you get better.